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Mr. Shahrill in action

tho' your heart is aching,

Even though it's breaking,

When there are clouds in the sky- You'll get by. '(Chaplin)

Beautiful lyric..
The reason that only some of the photos I snapped made it here is
due to the fact that I forgot to snap more.
Only a few clear ones, but here goes.
Anyway, cheer up boy! You will achieve better rewards
if you put your heart and goal for the future.
Have faith in you.


ShahRiLL RaMLi said... skinny I am, eeih? thanks bajillion! :)

Moshi2x queen bee :)

hey u mind if I link ur blog in my blog? if not, it's ok too.

queenbee said...

x u can link

Nur Farzana said...

wow.. is that sir shahrill?

Ahmad said...

i like sir shahrill.. he is cute..