C'est la vie

Yes, here it goes again. Cupcakes! Farewell! Can't avoid it. Decided to give my former students who are about to leave a cc treat.

In case WW is wondering if I go all the way down south to pick them up..NO..I have some work there so I decided to take advantage on the perfect timing n place. Again it was so sweet of Anna to send them to where I was located.

Very delicious and beautiful, thanks again Anna!

The girls were fascinated with the designs and they didn't really want
to eat them but had no choice as they had to go for their class.
Mission accomplished as all of them enjoyed the cc so much.
Just look at their grins n smiles!Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww


Anonymous said...

ala~ xsmpt nak pose dlu...

queenbee said...

xpa comel pe!! hehehe

Ahmad said...

we eat, we smile, we will miss you a lot.. TQ miss Tina aka Queen Bee.. Ashtano Atashinchi..

queenbee said...

yes no prob Shahrir...next time